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I think we could all benefit from having a note like this dropped on us by a stranger.

So we all know that many Japanese people have a habit of sleeping on trains. While this may seem strange at first glance, it makes sense considering the lack of sleep most of the population gets. If you don’t have time to sleep at home, then you might as well take advantage of that sweet one or two-hour commute, right?

Most onlookers get used to the sight of a train full of sleeping Japanese people pretty quickly, but apparently not one passenger, who left this note to Japanese twitter user @Bugen_TK while they were sleeping on the train:

▼ “I saw this note left on my bag after I woke up from a deep sleep.
My heart stopped for a moment!”

Those three kanji at the beginning spell out nihonjin (“Japanese person”), so the note basically says: “Japanese person! Go home and get some sleep!”

While some may see the note as inappropriate or embarrassing, like @Bugen_TK who says their “heart stopped” when they saw it, there’s probably a bit of truth behind it too. Falling into a deep sleep on the train on a regular basis can’t be healthy, so maybe this is the passenger’s way of giving @Bugen_T some tough love to get their life back on track!

Seems like most Japanese netizens saw the note as a positive message too. Here’s what they had to say:

“Wow, how thoughtful.”
“It’s nice to have other people think of you.”
“The only people who would be concerned are foreigners….”
“At least it doesn’t say, “Oh and thanks for your wallet!” at the end.”
“So… did you go home and sleep?”

I think we can all agree with that last question. We need an update! Did @Bugen_TK go home and get a good night’s rest? If not, then they shouldn’t be surprised when their next train nap gets interrupted by a bucket of concerned, thoughtful notes being dumped on their head.

Source: Twitter/@Bugen_TK via twicolle, Hamusoku
Featured/top image: Twitter/@Bugen_TK