Traveling can be brutal, whether it’s by plane, train or car. It’s so hard to find a comfy way to snooze when you’re surrounded by strangers and your neck is left unsupported, wobbling to and fro. I for one, always thought those neck pillows were silly, until I tried one, at which point I swore never to leave home without one, that is, until I realized how cumbersome they are to carry around and how ineffective the space-saving, inflatable ones are.

But never fear, fellow travelers! A Japanese clothing start-up, Monogatari Project, has come up with the perfect solution: A hoodie that can be rolled up into the perfect neck pillow.

▼ What is this stylish hoodie hiding? It doubles as a neck pillow!


The relaxed-look, hooded, button-up sweatshirt is so much more than it seems. Once you’re ready for some shut-eye on your journey, simply take off your jacket, roll it up, snap the buckle and voila, you have a sturdy, comfortable pillow. 

▼ Comfortable sleep couldn’t get more convenient.


Don’t want to drool on your jacket? No problem, the pockets come out, enclose the ends of the rolled jacket and function as a pillow case for the area around your mouth.


Want to shut out the light or shut out that chatty guy in the next seat? The hood is extra big so it can cover your ears while you nap.


In their promotional video on the Japanese crowd funding website Ready For, Monogatari Project says with this sweatshirt you’ll be able to “get good sleep everywhere” and “have the most fun possible while traveling.” They’re making bold statements, but we can see this hoodie really coming though on all accounts.

▼ Peace and comfort


Lest we forget, the jacket also has inside pockets for things like guide books or notepads, to make your travel that much more convenient.

This sounds too good to be true, right? Well, at the moment it is. The company does not have the capital it needs to start production, thus the crowd funding. As of August 24, the campaign has received 114,000 yen (US$912) of its 300,000 yen ($2,500) goal with 55 days left on the docket.

▼ Normal neck pillows take up so much space in your carry-on…


▼ …and inflatable ones are just not as sturdy or comfy!


If you are interested in funding/pre-ordering the Sleep Hoodie, get ready to empty your pockets of 12,000 yen ($100). You’ll also have to wait two months. But hey, just think about all of the neck pain and inconveniences it will free you from once you get it!

▼ If you aren’t convinced it’s worth the money, watch the video and maybe you’ll change your mind.

A hundred bucks for a sweatshirt or a pillow, or both, may be a little out of your usual price range, but boy is it tempting. Maybe if enough people donate money, the price will go down for everyone!

Source: Monogatari Project, Ready For/Monogatari Project via IT Media
Images: Ready For/Monogatari Project