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Your smartphone has a busy day, what with being called on to make phone calls, take pictures, play strange fashion-based touchscreen games, and surf the Internet in order to access mankind’s greatest font of knowledge. Doesn’t it deserve some rest? And we don’t mean a short little nap while you’re eating dinner, but a good night’s sleep, snug and comfy inside a Japanese futon.

The mobile phone sleeping apparatuses will soon be gracing gachapon, Japan’s famous randomized toy vending machines. 300 yen (US$2.90) gets you one of six designs, the most traditional of which are these two Japanese patterns.

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If your tastes run towards more international-looking décor, keep your fingers crossed for the plain white, striped, or polka dot versions.

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Manufacturer Kitan Club is also promising a sixth mystery design. We’re guessing it’s either another traditional pattern or an ultra-modern set of embarrassing anime girl bed sheets.

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As clever as this idea is, though, it does raise one concern. Since so many people rely on their smartphone’s alarm function, how are we supposed to wake up in the morning if our iPhones are sleeping too? Here’s hoping Kitan Club is already hard at work on a line of miniature alarm clocks to go with these tiny futons.

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Sources: Jin, Meet i
Images: Meet i