Now you and the director of such video game hits as Metal Gear can snuggle all through the night.

Despite an ugly break-up with long-time employer Konami, we’re seeing more of video game creator Hideo Kojima than ever before. The famed Metal Gear director has been regularly reaching out to fans and other industry professionals while launching both his new production studio and YouTube channel.

But maybe you feel like you need even more Kojima in your life, specifically in your bedroom. If so, then you’re in luck, because you can now buy your very own Hideo Kojima huggy pillow.

The unique piece of merchandise was spotted at last weekend’s MAGFest, a music and gaming convention held in Maryland. Seeing everything at the four-day event no doubt entails a lot of legwork, and while Pillow Kojima doesn’t have any feet to get tired, at one point the owner of the example shown above decided to stop for a rest with his companion.

While the man’s face is obscured in both photos, Twitter user and fellow MAGFest attendee @Drool_Prince is less shy, and has posted multiple pictures of herself sharing a drink with “Kojima.”

Further back, the pillow was also seen at Detroit’s Youmacon anime convention, which took place last November.

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It’s not like these three superfans are passing around a communal pillow, though. The Hideo Kojima body pillow can be ordered here through online retailer ArtsCow for US$29.99. The site even reveals something you can’t tell from the above photos: the pillowcase is double-sided, with a close-up of Kojima adjusting his signature glasses on the back.

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The quality looks to be pretty high, too, even if we can’t help but feel like ArtsCow missed a golden opportunity by not adding some bold text to the fabric announcing “A Hideo Kojima pillow.”

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