If you’ve got the talent and the passion you can use pretty much anything to illustrate your vision, like this piece of art that’s been making the rounds on Japanese Twitter, drawn using only two ballpoint pens.

Before the widespread use of the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) color model commonly used today, many illustrators and artists inked their work using pens. Even world-renowned artist Andy Warhol used ballpoint pens in his earlier works.

Twitter user Urei Ibimiya may not have Warhol’s fame, but recently his ballpoint pen-inked art has caught the eyes of thousands of Japanese netizens.

▼ “Not too bad for using only pens and a ruler.”


So far his piece has gotten over 10,000 retweets, with many netizens commenting on how nicely it turned out.

▼ “Hey there, I just saw your piece after all the retweets it’s been getting and it’s really amazing. You must have great artistic sense to be able to make something like this using only two colors.”

▼ “You wouldn’t think this was only done in two colors by looking at it. So pretty!”

▼ “Not only is this a high quality piece of art, it’s powerfully intense.”

▼ “This is just too coolΣ(゚艸゚*)  It looks like the back of a playing card( ゚д゚)”

This isn’t the first time Ibimiya has posted his work on Twitter, but he admits that it’s the first time his work has gotten this much attention.

Here’re some of his other pieces:

▼ “From when I was in high school”


▼ “For those interested, these are relatively recent.”


 ▼”Alice with a geometric design”


Much like Alice here, it’d certainly be easy to get lost down the rabbit hole looking at such creative displays of pen-inked art like these.

If you’re interested in seeing even more work by Ibimiya, be sure to follow him on Pixiv and Tumblr.

Source: Twitter/@Ibimiya_urei
Top image: Twitter/@Ibimiya_urei