Tears of the Kingdom teams up with Ichiban Kuji in celebration of the release of Nintendo’s newest Legend of Zelda game.

Nintendo is set to release Tears of the Kingdom this week, and fans are chomping at the bit to explore the wonders of the land of Hyrule in the latest title in the Legend of Zelda franchise. There’s also a fresh batch of Zelda surprises and treasures on the way for us in the real world too, though, with an awesome new lineup of Zelda housewares stationary, and other merch.

The ”surprise” factor comes from this being a collaboration between The Legend of Zelda and Ichiban Kuji, Bandai Namco’s toy lottery/drawing, which is sort of like a capsule toy machine without the machine. Ichiban Kuji customers pay 750 yen (US$5.75), then draw a slip of paper from a box, with the marking on the paper determining their prize.

For the Tears of the Kingdom Ichiban Kuji there are eight tiers of prizes, with the top, A-rank prize being a 32-centimeter (12.6-inch) Master Sword replica…

…that lights up and can be used as a lamp!

Several other prizes also combine coolness and practicality, like the Weathered Toga-Style Blanket, a shoulder or lap blanket inspired by Link’s in-game attire…

…and a series of four coffee mugs with Tears of the Kingdom or Breath of the Wild artwork.

▼ If you pull a slip with the coffee mug prize, you get to choose which of the four you want.

Arguably the cleverest idea in the bunch comes as part of the Stationary Collection prize, which lets you choose from among notebooks, memo pads, or plastic clear files.

One of those memo pads is heart-shaped, with different pages featuring either full or partially filled hearts, just like Link’s life meter in the games.

▼ Choosing the clear files gets you a set of two.

Zelda’s hearts, or more specifically its heart container, is part of the Small Ceramic Dish prizes, which gives you your coice between the Heart Container, Cooking Pot, or red, green, or blue Rupee.

If you want something bigger to display, there’s this gorgeous 27-centimeter canvas art board.

Even the lower-tier prizes are pretty cool, with an array of metallic item bag charms/key rings and rubber Korok ones.

▼ You get to choose which Korok you want…

▼ …but if you draw a metal charm slip, the design you get is random.

A unique part of the Ichiban Kuji system is that whoever draws the very last slip in the box also gets an additional item, called the “Last One” prize. For the Tears of the Kingdom Ichiban Kuji, the lucky last-puller receives a classy clock.

▼ It conveniently works as an excuse to play Tears of the Kingdom whenever you want because, according to the clock, it’s always Zelda time!

The Tears of the Kingdom Ichiban Kuji starts May 9, and can be played at locations including Lawson convenience stores and the Nintendo specialty shops in Tokyo and Osaka.

Source: Ichiban Kuji via IT Media
Images: Ichiban Kuji
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