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Sometimes, it can be hard to tell exactly what you’re getting with a video just from its title. For example, we recently looked at one called 100 Sizzling Japanese Maids in Action, which sounds like it should be a saucy little romp, but actually has more to do with frying pans, since it’s a cookware advertisement (albeit an awesome one).

On the other hand, the title of Scratching Many Capybaras lets you know exactly what it’s about. What it doesn’t tell you, though, is the adorable thing that happens next.

Nagasaki Bio Park is one of the many combination zoo/nature parks you can find dotting rural Japan. While it doesn’t have a super roly-poly raccoon like Yamanashi Prefecture’s Manriki Park, the center in Nagasaki does have a petting zoo, which is home to a cuddly colony of capybaras.

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As you’d expect from this sort of wholesome, family-oriented amusement facility, Nagasaki Bio Park gets most of its visitor traffic on weekends and holidays. During the week, things are pretty quiet. So quiet that in the afternoon, sometimes you can catch the jumbo-sized rodents in the middle of a mass nap.

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Of course, if you’re going to doze off in a petting zoo, you have to accept the possibility that someone may come by and pet you, which is just what one man does in the video below. Will the sudden provision of back and belly rubs disturb the animals’ slumber?

Not in the slightest. As the man makes the rounds, one by one, the capybaras topple in blissful comfort. The first recipient even seems a bit perturbed when his turn ends.

“Hey, why’d you stop?”

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Of course, it’s not like Nagasaki Bio Park’s capybaras spend all their time sleeping. In the winter, they also take Japanese-style baths, communally lolling in open-air tubs with a number of mandarin oranges bobbing around them.

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It just goes to show you, capybaras look cute all the time, whether they’re sleeping, bathing, or engaging in any other basic life function.

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