From cucumbers to cabbage and sweet potatoes, this cat can’t resist the allure of a good vegetable.

Like people, cats have unique and individual personalities. Some are timid and beautifully gentle, while others aren’t afraid to wriggle into their owner’s clothes or punch their way through closed sliding doors. One kitty in Japan is now charming the internet with a short clip showing him indulging in an unusual passion of his very own, and this one involves a serious love of vegetables.

According to the owner, the cute feline, called Hokuro-kun, eats regular cat food most of the time, but when he spots a piece of cucumber, cabbage or sweet potato, he immediately goes over to it and starts eating. And when there are chestnuts available, he’ll happily eat them too.

▼ Here the sweet cat gets his jaws around a piece of sweet potato.

Unlike other cats, who are known to jump several feet in the air at the sight of a cucumber, Hokuro-kun remains totally unfazed, seeing it as an opportunity to start eating.

Adopted as a stray when he was a tiny and couldn’t even open his eyes, Hokuro-kun is a shy cat who runs away from strangers but shows a lot of love for his family, who indulge his herbivorous urges every now and then. Fortunately, according to veterinarians, it’s not uncommon for cats to eat vegetables, and the ones that Hokuro-kun enjoys aren’t harmful to felines, as long as they’re not eaten in excessive amounts.

Source: ITMedia
Top Image: Twitter/@poooom4