A couple of years ago it was all about twin outfit fashion, but now the country’s gone gaga for real twins, most notably MakoMina and their cute dance moves.

MakoMina are a pair of twins in their third year of high school, who originally took Japan by storm with their dance over of the song “GOOD LUCKY!!!!!” by popular J-pop group GReeeeN.

Originally recorded last year to give other students a boost into the upcoming start of the Japanese school year in April, not only did their dance video inspire a number of covers by net users, it catapulted them to instant fame, giving them the nickname of “the Cinderellas of the SNS world”. To date their MixChannel has over 900,000,000 views in total, which is amazing when you think about many famous international artists haven’t even come close to numbers like these on more well-known video sharing sites like YouTube.

Last month the duo released their first photo book to eager fans, simply titled MakoMina, which climbed to Amazon Japan’s Top 100 Talent Book category.


Then, to the surprise of many, the pair were featured as the dancers in mobile provider AU’s newest ad, looking especially grown-up and with even more fame to their name in the company’s fun take on how Tokyo might look just three years in the future.


Soon these adorable two will be graduating and will be destined for bigger and better things, which we hope include university and eventually a big Japanese entertainment world debut.

Source: YouTube/au, Netorabo Enta
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