The adorable mini cake set is just one of nine items in the sweet limited-edition collection.

One of the great things about a seasonal celebration in Japan is the abundance of cute edible sweets that inevitably appear to help us enjoy the festivities. Popular Japanese confectionary chain Ginza Cozy Corner is one of our favourite retailers when it comes to sweet delights, bringing out some of the cutest cakes and biscuits every year. While we gushed over their Easter range last year, they’re back for 2016 with some familiar faces and some beautiful new creations.

Easter Pooh was a big hit last year, and not just because of his massive size. Retailing for 2,160 yen (US $18.30) , Pooh returns again this year with a filling of cream along with flakes of chocolate and crunchy caramel candies, topped off with an outer coating of honey-infused whipped cream.



▼ Also enjoying a welcome return to stores this year is the 388-yen honey pudding.

The star of the collection, however, is the nine-piece Petit Gateau Disney Collection mini cake set. Different to last year, the characters featured are (top row, left to right): Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit (white chocolate with fresh cream and raspberry jam), Winnie the Pooh’s Rabbit (milk-flavoured glaçage and fresh chocolate cream) and Piglet (sakura cream and red bean tart). In the middle row, from left to right, we have: Daisy Duck (blueberry-flavoured sponge with fresh cream cheese), Alice in Wonderland’s Alice (mint chocolate and fresh cream tart), and Donald Duck (yoghurt-flavoured fresh cream roll). On the bottom row, left to right is: Mickey Mouse (fresh cream cheese tart), Pooh Bear (honey cream tart) and Minnie Mouse (fresh strawberry cream tart).


Rounding out the collection is a swag of cookies and baked treats, encased in beautiful packaging that includes tins and tote bags.

▼ The Disney Easter Egg set (378 yen) contains marshmallows and cookies.


▼ The Disney Easter Madeleines (594 yen) features chocolate, plain and strawberry varieties.


▼ The Disney Easter Cookie Tin (972 yen) is perfect for using as a pen case once you’ve eaten the Mickey Mouse cookies inside!7

▼ The Pooh Bear Easter Gift Tin (1,296 yen) is beautiful on the outside and on the inside, with four different types of sweet treats.8

▼ For 864 yen, there’s the adorable Pooh Bear Easter Book, which comes filled with honey-lemon madeleines and banana-chocolate flavoured cookies.9

▼ And if you’d like to carry the magical world of Disney around with you, the Pooh Bear Easter Tote is a beautiful choice at 1,188 yen.


The colourful range will be available from 4 March to 14 April at Ginza Cozy Corner stores around the country.

Source, Images: PR Times