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New Mythical Pokémon set to make its debut.

Pokémon theatrical features are kind of like Christmas. Every year, you know one is coming, but even still, when you feel it getting closer, it’s hard not to get excited.

There’s been a Pokémon movie every July since the summer of 1998, and distributor Toho is set to keep the streak going with the upcoming Pokémon the Movie XY&Z: Volcanion and the Clockwork Magearna (Borukenion to Karakuri no Magiana in Japanese).

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The story sees main character Satoshi (or Ash, as he’s known in English-speaking territories) and his companions traveling to what you could almost mistake for the setting of Attack on Titan, except that this city is filled with colossal gearworks

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Their appreciation of the steampunk architecture is cut short, however, by the sudden appearance of the bellicose Pokémon Volcanion, who rampages through the movie’s just-released trailer.

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▼ His name might sound like “volcano,” but Volcanion can also shoot lasers.

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Volcanion bears a grudge against all humankind, growling “I can’t trust you, because the humans always betray us!” Nevertheless, he and Satoshi are bound together by a mysterious device.

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As such, it seems likely they’ll eventually come to some sort of understanding and team up against the movie’s true villain. But even though Team Rocket is on hand to provide its carefully distilled brand of comedic interference…

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…it looks like the central figure behind the film’s crisis is this wildly cackling man, who’s trying to get his hands on the power of the human-designed, Mythical clockwork Pokémon Magearna, plus a mysterious artifact called the Soul Heart.

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Pokémon the Movie XY&Z: Volcanion and the Clockwork Magearna opens July 16 at theaters across Japan.

Source: YouTube/PokemonCoJp via Anime News Network
Images: YouTube/PokemonCoJp