Pokemon Go by Eduardo Woo via flickr

Pokémon Go has become the latest app sensation but it’s still not available to download in Japan!

Pokémon Go has shot to the top of the app charts overseas and become so popular that there have been reports of injuries, car crashes, and even people finding actual dead bodies while searching for new Pokémon — but people living in Japan are still waiting.

As you may imagine, there has been constant speculation as to when the game will be available to download in Japan, but Wall Street Journal tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki is telling his Twitter followers he expects Pokémon Go to be released in Japan this week.

“This Pokemon Go phenomenon isn’t stopping. […] Stocks have increased by 40%. It is scheduled to be released in Japan this week (according to related parties),” Mochizuki posted on Twitter today.

In addition to the possible release of Pokémon Go this week, a new Pokémon movie is opening in cinemas this Saturday, so it could be that there’s some coordination going one with the film’s debut.

▼The Pokémon Go Plus portable device allows you to play without your cell phone.


So, get your cell phones ready, because this weekend there’s a good chance you’ll be able to start catching some Pokémon in Japan! And if not, we can start venting our frustrations on Mochizuki.

Pokemon Go by Darren Mark Domirez via flickr

In case you’ve been living under a rock (and there’s nothing wrong with that), you may be asking, “What is Pokémon Go anyway?” If so, it’s an augmented reality game, where you travel around your home or outside trying to catch virtual Pokémon that appear on your screen based on the phone’s GPS and clock.

It sounds like a lot of fun — and it’s free! No wonder people are hurting themselves trying to catch ‘em all.

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Images: Flickr/Eduardo Woo, Flickr/Darren Mark Domirez, Pokemon Go Homepage