What happens when you put a can of condensed milk (can and all) into a pressure cooker? You make a can of delectable nama (raw) caramel, that’s what! 

There are few things in this world more heavenly than melt-in-your-mouth nama caramel, which Japan’s Hokkaido Prefecture is particularly well-known for. The only thing that would make this super-sweet, extra-creamy caramel variant any better, would be a simple recipe so you could make it at home, and now we have one!

▼ Can it really be done? Are we about to eat something delicious or disastrous?


And by simple, we mean, you basically don’t have to do anything. A few days ago, Japanese Twitter user @punch_subaru posted the crazy idea that you could put a whole can of condensed milk into a pressure cooker, wait awhile and, voila! Your can of condensed milk magically transforms into a can of nama caramel. Too good to be true, right?  Plus, it sounds kind of dangerous to put a full can of milk into a pressure cooker, doesn’t it? Our brave and curious reporter, Ahiruneko, decided to give it a try, though, and sure enough, a can of nama caramel was born.

Let’s take a look at the method Ahiruneko used:

First, put the can in the pressure cooker pot (sideways is easiest). You don’t even need to puncture it, just put it in straight from the store. Next, you have to fill the pot with enough water to cover the whole can.


After you put the lid on the pot, turn the stove to a low temperature and wait at least 20 minutes (as per Twitter directions). Our reporter kept it on for 40 minutes, just in case.

▼ All the magic happens in the pot.


What you’ll then have is a pot of hot water and a hot can, so you should let it cool. Speed up the process by taking off the lid and letting the steam out, and let the can sit until it has reached room temperature.

Finally, it’s time to pop open that can! If all went well, and really there isn’t much to mess up here, when you lift the lid, instead of white milk, you should see the golden-brown hue of freshly made caramel. You’ll also be treated to the deliciously tantalizing aroma.

So, it may look caramel and smell like caramel, but does it taste like nama caramel?


According to Ahiruneko, it sure does! Success!


But, we all know that the mind can play tricks sometimes, so the nama caramel was taste-tested by several different embers of the RocketNews24. What did they think?


“It’s like a delicious combo of pudding and caramel.”
“I don’t really like nama caramel, but this is great.”
“I could probably just eat this whole thing for dessert.”
“I like this more than normal nama caramel!”

▼ If Mr. Sato’s hair is distracting you from focusing on caramel, check here for the full story on it.


Not a single person was dissatisfied with the sweet product of this odd “recipe.” Ahiruneko also suggests that the best way to eat this caramel is to slather it over a piece of hot toast.

▼ Talk about a sugar-rush breakfast!


This recipe is easy enough for anyone with a pressure cooker to handle. We will advise, however, that you take a moment to read the instructions of your pressure cooker and have kitchen fire safety equipment available. Nothing happened in our reporter’s kitchen, but the thought of putting a can in a pressure cooker is still a little nerve-wracking.

On that note, you should be leaving your house for the store right about now to pick up your own can of condensed milk to wow your friends and family with your amazing culinary skills!

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