It’s pretty pure purin pudding.

This is always a little awkward to explain, but in Japan there’s a dessert which is called “purin,” an approximation of the English word “pudding.” It’s a custard-based creamy dessert similar to the American version of pudding but more like a flan or creme caramel. It’s a convoluted name for such a simple food but because it’s so tasty, it’s enjoyed all over the country.

▼ Purin

The other day, our reporter Tasuku Egawa was out shopping when he found a very unique pack of purin. It was called Pure Pudding and cleverly packaged in an egg carton by Izumofarm. It was a very eye-catching way to emphasize the freshness of the purin.

But more than the carton the label read “100 Percent Egg” and even the ingredients only listed egg and salt. It included three packets of caramel to go with the three puddings inside, which is good because egg and salt doesn’t sound all that sweet.

Tasuku wasn’t sure what was actually inside the carton, and only when he bought one for 398 yen (US$2.77) and brought it home did he find…

Tasuku: “Eggs?”

That was strangely both unexpected and totally expected. The inside of the lid had instructions on how to eat Pure Pudding. Just crack open the egg around the middle, pour in the caramel sauce, and then eat with a spoon.

Tasuku couldn’t get a clean break like the diagram suggested, but he managed to peel away the shell like one would with a hardboiled egg.

However, unlike a hardboiled egg, this was completely yellow. It also had a creamier texture and consistency that was exactly like purin.

At this point Tasuku broke from the directions and snuck a taste before adding the caramel sauce. It was simply egg though, mixed with a hint of salt that was probably absorbed while boiling. He could also still distinguish between the yolk and white of the egg while eating, suggesting it wasn’t completely blended together.

After adding the caramel, it had more of a purin feel to it. Tasuku would probably say it tasted 60 percent like purin and 40 percent like boiled egg. It’s an undeniably pure taste, but quite different from the pre-packaged purin sold in stores. So, if someone buys Pure Pudding expecting that same taste, they’ll probably be disappointed.

It’s not bad though, and a very interesting idea. Even if you can’t find Pure Pudding in your own local supermarket, you can always make your own by just shaking an egg really hard before boiling it.

Tasuku thought they might be fun to use for practical jokes too. No one would even get mad, because who wouldn’t prefer some pudding on their toast to a regular old egg?

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