Who wouldn’t want to wake up to Goku’s voice every day?

Undoubtedly many of us have untold treasures of our childhood left behind in our parents’ homes. Furbies, Tamagotchi, Barbies, and Hot Wheels are likely tucked a closet somewhere, nestled in a pile of stuffed animals, among old kindergarten drawings and participation trophies, forgotten and waiting until someone wants a trip down memory lane and goes rifling through them.

When Japanese comedian Naoya Tajima, of the comedy duo Identity, returned to his parents’ home recently, he decided to go on a treasure hunt of his own. What he found was something every 10-year-old Dragon Ball fan of the 1990s would have wanted: a Goku-shaped alarm clock that shouts in Goku’s trademark voice, “If you don’t get up soon, there’s going to be trouble!”

It’s a relic of an earlier time, likely when Dragon Ball Z was still airing in the early to mid-1990’s, and it looks to still be in perfect condition! Goku’s voice, which appears to be performed by Goku’s actual voice actress, rings out clearly over and over again, and the figure of Goku looks clean, almost new. Although it seems like the clock isn’t running (it may just need batteries), it’s amazing that the voice still works, twenty or more years later!

We have to admit, we’re pretty jealous. Apparently, it’s not even that rare in Japan, since a lot of netizens tweeted pictures of their own Goku clocks in response to Tajima’s. It’s doubtful that a toy like that came out in other countries, though, so for us this is a real collector’s gem if ever there was one

▼ “I have the same one! It’s out of batteries though lol.”

Many of Tajima’s fans and followers enjoyed this insight into his childhood, and marveled at the clock itself:

“An exemplary alarm clock.”
“Ooh! It was well taken care of~ It looks new!”
“You take care of your things, don’t you! You should use this to wake up every day!”
“I used to use that!”
“I wonder if it will still ‘ring’ even when you stop it…”
“So this is part of your roots, huh?”
“Did you used to use that alarm clock? Haha”
“I really want this.”

Tajima hasn’t specified whether he’ll be using the clock from now on, but we sincerely hope he does. Perhaps this is a sign telling him to go back to his Dragon Ball roots? It’s perfect timing, seeing as there’s a brand new Dragon Ball Super movie coming out!

Source: Twitter/@iden_taji via Hachima Kiko
Featured Image: Twitter/@iden_taji