What lengths would you go to get your hands on the perfect cosplay outfit?

Magical Girl is an International Film Festival award-winning film directed by Spain’s Carlos Vermut. First released in theaters back in 2014, its dark plot revolves around one father’s wish to get his hands on the official costume of singer Megumi from the anime series Magical Girl Yukiko, in order to fulfill the dying wish of his terminally ill daughter.



Unable to come up with the funds to purchase the expensive outfit on his own, he contemplates robbery before settling on blackmailing an unfaithful and unstable housewife.

Magical Girl was made possible through crowdfunding after the success of Vermut’s cult classic, Diamond Flash, finally debuting in Japan this past March 12, where it began showing at the Human Trust Cinema Yurakucho and the YEBISU GARDEN CINEMA in Tokyo, and will later move on to other theaters until July. (Full schedule here)

Already the movie has garnered many favorable reviews within Japan, and is definitely worth checking out if you’re a neo-noir film or anime fan.

Source: YouTube/BITTERSENDinc via Japaaaan Magazine
Feature/insert images: YouTube/BITTERSENDinc