KFC releases an Otaku Burger…in Spain?!?

Spreading the Japanese custom of eating KFC at Christmas to other parts of the world.

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We joined the 10,000 otaku who recently congregated in Madrid for Japan Weekend

Our visiting Japanese reporter shares her thoughts on the Spanish capital’s tribute to Japanese culture in its various forms.

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Three remarkable ramen shops in Spain, according our traveling Japanese reporter

Ikuna has tried tons of Japanese restaurants in Spain…but these all stood out for very different reasons.

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What to expect when traveling abroad from Japan in a global pandemic

Our Japanese-language reporter writes on the peculiarities of traveling from a high-risk country during a pandemic.

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Botched art restorations become Japanese gacha capsule toys

Restoration fails remind us to keep our own mistakes in perspective.

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We try to guess all of the pieces in Spain’s “Candy Sushi”

Can you guess all of the types of sushi? (Spoiler: we couldn’t.)

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Our Japanese language reporter visits a manga shop in Spain, learns a lesson about manga fandom

The most popular manga at this Spanish manga mecca right now isn’t, in fact, Dragon Ball!

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We get a haircut by a stylist who cuts with katanas and fire at “Samurai Salon” in Spain

Our reporter travels all the way to Spain to meet an artistic hair stylist whose technique is a little sharper than usual

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The Japanese comedian shows Spain what he’s got and narrowly avoids showing them what he’s got down there.

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Our Japanese language reporter visits Barcelona, decides to try Spanish “hosho maki” sushi

A strangely named sushi package grabbed our reporter’s attention, so of course he had to try it.

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Spanish Prime Minister’s “Japanese-style strike” remark shows a warped view of working in Japan

Japan’s legendary work ethic has resulted in a very strange part of the Spanish language.

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Psychological thriller from Spain, Magical Girl, finally released in Japan

What lengths would you go to get your hands on the perfect cosplay outfit?

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Some reflections on the popularity of Japanese manga in Spain

You may be surprised to hear this, but Japanese manga is thriving in Spain. Look no further than massive conventions such as Madrid’s Expomanga and Barcelona’s Salón del Manga, where fans can celebrate their favorite series and characters with other like-minded people. So what are some of the factors that contribute to manga’s success in España?  

The folks at Japanese website Niconico News recently caught up with David Hernando, the Editorial Editor of Planeta DeAgostini Comics, which is a Spanish-Italian publisher that distributes many beloved Japanese manga series throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Mr. Hernando graciously shed some light on the current market for manga in Spain in an exclusive interview with them, and the following piece will attempt to summarize some of his key points, along with some other related topics we have taken notice of.

We would love to hear the thoughts of our readers residing in Spain as well, so please leave your comments at the end of the post!

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Japanese Twitter users square off in Adios Guy Photoshop Championship

With the Japanese national team’s hopes of winning the World Cup championship dashed far too early this year. Japan’s soccer fans were left with mere scraps of enjoyment they once had in the tournament. Luckily though, every World Cup has its ancillary breakout star.

Last time, we saw the mystical talents of Paul the Octopus, and now the world finds itself staring in wonder at the phenomenon Japan has dubbed Adios Ojisan (Adios Guy). For those not familiar, Adios Ojisan was a guy in the audience of the Chile/Spain match (among others) holding up an iPad which read “Adios Spana.”

And so, with Team Japan out of the running, let us enjoy some highlights from the Adios Spana Photoshop Championship currently being held on Twitter!

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Spanish Commercial Attempts the Impossible and Creates Live Action Doraemon… We Think

In animation usually the most enduring characters are the ones with the simplest designs. Mickey Mouse, The Simpsons and Astro Boy can all be doodled with a minimal amount of artistic talent.

Japan’s premier cartoon Doraemon is no exception. With just a few circles and lines you can perfectly recreate everyone’s favorite robot cat. However, bringing Doraemon’s form into the realm of real life is a daunting task.

A commercial for Spain’s Nocilla (chocolate/hazelnut spread a la Nutella) has thrown its hat into the ring by releasing a cute but seemingly low-budget depiction of Doraemon.

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That’s the Power of Music – It Really Does Bring Joy to the World!!

A delightful surprise performance that recently took place in Spain has been receiving acclaim from around the world on the internet, and we thought we’d share the feel-good story with you. It’s all captured in a video clip titled “Som Sabadell flashmob” and it begins when a girl drops a coin in a musician’s hat on May 19, 2012, in the city of Sabadell, Spain. But what follows is no ordinary musical performance. Everyone who happened to be there was in for a real treat!

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