Complete with pretty layers of vegetables, you won’t ever have to feel guilty about eating these slices of “cake.”

The Vegiedeco Salad (Vegetable Decoration Salad) is a new concept in food design created by Japanese food stylist Mitsuki Moriyasu in 2015. By taking vegetables out of the salad bowl and reassembling them into colourful, eye-catching cakes, Mitsuki aims to make diners smile with healthy foods that are both fun to look at and fun to eat.


After appearing on the menu at Bistro La Porte Marseille restaurant in Nagoya, the response from customers was so encouraging that a brand new cafe showcasing the salad cakes is now set to open in the city on 5 April.


With a focus on health and beauty, the cafe features superfoods, gluten-free items, and meals low in carbohydrates, all beautifully prepared and served with meticulous attention to detail.


The cakes incorporate whole vegetables, including roots and peels, to maximise the health benefits of each dish. There’s a large variety of flavours and colours to choose from, all featuring a sponge base made with natural ingredients like soybean flour, with little or no sugar added to the mix.


These are actually savoury cakes feature “icing” made from tofu or cream cheese, blended with vegetables to give them a natural colouring.


A slice of vegetable cake starts at 735 yen (US$6.50), which includes a special dressing made with koji (Japanese sake starter mould), a fermented food that’s said to have a number of health and beauty benefits.


Set meals are also available from 856 yen, which include a slice of cake with a cup of Vegie Drop Tea, filled with vegetable phytochemicals.


There’s also an option to add a slice of gluten-free bread made with a strain of ancient rice.


With a menu that’s set to change according to the season, the new cafe is sure to be a hit with health conscious individuals and lovers of pretty things alike!

Restaurant information
Vegedeco Salad Cafe / ベジデコサラダ®カフェ
Address: Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi, Naka-ku, Nishiki 3-17-5
Open 11:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (last order at 3:30 p.m.)

Source: PR Times
Images: PR Times (1, 2)