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We never thought it would be possible to get such anime-perfect hair!

Taking the perfect picture to showcase a cosplayer’s individual talent is the intersection of a difficult art to master. It’s not something just anyone can do, so finding a good photographer is crucial if you want to properly show off your amazing costuming skills.

But one Lightning cosplayer, Kilory, seems to have found the perfect photographer to showcase her take on the Final Fantasy XVIII character. In fact, we’re almost convinced that the photoshoot is actually just rendered screenshots from the game!

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These unbelievable photos were taken by ouzi, whose talents allow Kilory to look as if she just walked out of our TV screens. We have to wonder if this is all thanks to some make-up magic, or were there some post production touch ups somewhere? Either way, we’re supremely impressed!

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We have to admit, this was basically a perfect cosplay. We can’t imagine how difficult it was to pull off, but huge props to everyone involved! For more of this costume, make sure you take a look at Kilory’s Facebook page and the World Cosplay Site, where you will find more photos like these.

Source: Kotaku JP
Top Image: World Cosplay/Kilory