Lightning storm photos of the Skytree show the Tokyo symbol in a whole new light【Photos】

The awesome power of nature makes for an awesome sight.

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Tokyo typhoon video captures amazing blackout-causing lightning strike【Video】

Bolt lights up the sky, blacks out the neighborhood.

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Massive storm lights up Tokyo with thousands of lightning strikes 【Pics & Videos】

It was the strongest thunderstorm to hit the capital in years.

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Gigantic lightning-spitting thundercloud appears in the skies over Tokyo【Videos】

Appearance of frightening but beautiful Dragon’ Nest shows that summer isn’t ready to say good-bye just yet.

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Passengers evacuate train during typhoon after it gets hit by lightning and fills up with smoke

This video shows what happens inside a train when lightning strikes a carriage.

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Final Fantasy XIII screenshot or cosplay? We’re still not sure! 【Photos】

We never thought it would be possible to get such anime-perfect hair!

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Final Fantasy’s last heroine is Louis Vuitton’s next model 【Photos】

Like a star athlete who just won a championship, video game heroine Lightning has followed up on saving the world of Final Fantasy XIII by landing an endorsement deal.

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Lightning strikes moving train in Japan 【Video】

Much like sweat-stained shirts or the incessant cry of cicadas, lightning storms are just a part of summer in Japan. But with all of those electrostatic discharges, something other than the ground is bound to be hit.

On August 12, one man in Tokyo not only saw a train being struck by lightning, he caught the frightening scene on film.

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Increase in Lightning Observed Across Japa… What the Hell Is That?!

In addition to two months of temperatures over 35℃, Japan has recently been hit with a spate of lightning storms. In fact, when writing a previous story my building was hit by lightning knocking out my computer and forcing a rewrite. The son of a…

Anyway, with all this lightning around and pretty much the entire population carrying cameras built into their phones, a person’s natural inclination is to try and take a picture of a bolt.

One person though was not only lucky enough to actually be able to catch a bolt in a photo, but found something far stranger.

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