Dancing on a boat and fielding marriage proposals from fans is all in a day’s work for this scallop fisherman.

In the world of social media, people love to fight on Twitter, live their best lives on Instagram, and vlog their daily routines on YouTube. However, this year it’s all about TikTok — the social media platform that allows users to create and share short videos with the world — so now all the cool kids are showing off their dance moves, comedic skills, and lip-synching abilities in 15-second clips.

Here in Japan, one TikToker currently attracting attention is a young man who goes by the handle @masaya.84. What makes Masaya stand out from the crowd is not just his good looks — it’s also the fact that he’s actually a scallop fisherman.

▼ Masaya transforms from a white tee to his fisherman’s gear as part of the “work clothes challenge”.


仕事着チャレンジ#仕事着 #漁師#オススメ乗りたい #いいねがえし #うんえいさんすこ #仕事やすみ #fyp#ばずれ

♬ オリジナル楽曲 – 𝙏𝙖𝙧𝙤𝙪. – 𝙏𝙖𝙧𝙤𝙪.

Masaya is no ordinary scallop fisherman, though, as he likes to share videos of himself dancing and lip-synching to songs while working on boats out at sea.


仕事おわたー。#漁師#ダンス #腰ふり #dance #オススメのったら教えて #いいね#運営大好き #foryoupage #forever #for #本気だしてみた #北海道コロナウイルス

♬ Hug feat. kojikoji (Fantasy club ver.) – 空音


この曲ハマった#漁師#オススメ乗りたい #だんす #いいねがえし #海の上#うんえいさんすこ #fyp #こしふりダンス #じゃないよ

♬ Better – Valentino Khan & Wuki

Masaya’s seaborne dance videos have been making waves since he joined TikTok in August last year, but one of his most recent videos just became his most popular to date, raking in close to 100,000 views.


#オススメ#きみのとりこになってしまえばきっと #いいね#tiktokオーディション2020 #fortnite #foryoupage

♬ Kimi No Toriko (Remix) – HERMAN SYAH WIlLIAM

Masaya’s moves have viewers swooning, with a number of comments simply saying: “Please marry me“. While the young fisherman has told fans he doesn’t have a wife, he’s happy to keep putting smiles on people’s faces with videos like this one, where he matches some cute “finger hearts” to a song called “Kyun Desu!” by Hirame.

“Kyun” is a word that describes the feeling when your heart skips a beat because of affection, and this popular TikTok tune has everyone adding finger hearts to the lyrics: “From the pocket, kyun. Oh, what’s dropped is kyun. You gave me kyun. But I can’t give it to you so shun (“shun” means “downcast).”


#きゅんです #キュンキュンした #漁師#オススメのったら教えて #運営さんお願いです #いいね#バズれ #北海道#ころな #本気

♬ きゅんです! – ひらめ

To keep up with more of Masaya’s maritime moves, be sure to check him out on TikTok and Instagram. Perhaps one day in future he’ll get on board with the “Love Dance” craze from 2016 that made its reappearance recently after reruns of the popular drama We Married as a Job were shown on Japanese TV. No doubt he’d give the previous U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy a run for her money if it came to a Love Dance showdown!

Source: TikTok/@masaya.84 via Twitter/HirokoTabuchi
Featured image: Pakutaso

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