Japanese police make first “sushi terrorism” arrests for disgusting sushi restaurant prank videos

Like the plates in revolving sushi restaurants, justice eventually comes around.

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The sushi has stopped revolving at Japan’s biggest revolving sushi restaurant chain

Sushiro hits the stop button on its up-for-grabs sushi plates.

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Japanese police car stolen by hooligans? Sapporo Halloween stunt baffles bystanders【Video】

Officers seen running after a police vehicle with a passenger waving from the front seat.

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Yamanashi man arrested for making fake money and tricking people into picking it up

Chalk up another victory for the fun police.

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Prank on sleeping beauty in car passenger seat goes viral 【Video】

The driver realises there’s hell to pay after pulling a stunt on this snoozing passenger.

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The adult video actress was less than happy with this phallic discovery.

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Top April Fools’ Day prank news stories from Japan

Our roundup of the country’s craziest April Fool’s Day products and services we actually wish were real.

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Japanese YouTubers crash Night Pool event by actually swimming 【Video】

People are getting angry at us for actually swimming!

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McDonald’s Japan gets in on the April Fools’ Day fun with “new menu items”

Nothing says “I’m lovin’ it” like a few cheeky jokes.

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Survey shows “YouTuber” among top jobs Japanese kids want when they grow up

Because they want to “make millions” and “not have to study…” 

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Worst birthday present ever? Japanese brother’s gift puzzle leads to a “fabulous” prize

It’s gotta be worth it, right?

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Crow trolls friend by giving them a bad hairdo, has Japanese netizens squawking with laughter

Proof that humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy pranking their friends.

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Japanese McDonald’s phone prank raises hackles online

Net users take to YouTube video’s comments section to express their anger and disappointment over prankster’s crank call video to McDonald’s restaurant in Japan.

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Prankster Street Fighters Ryu and Chun-Li take their fighting skills to a new level, literally!

So far we’ve seen depictions of popular video game series Street Fighter through cosplay, in classrooms, and even re-imagined on Sesame Street. But what about getting back to the basics of the game, and honing your fighting skills for when “a new challenger appears”?

YouTube channel fouseyTUBE takes to the streets, or rather some elevators, to do just that. There’s just one catch – that new challenger might be you!
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Pro drifter disguises herself as driving school student to prank first-day instructors 【Video】

Being a driving instructor has to be a scary job. After all, every day your responsibilities include climbing into the passenger seat next to someone society says hasn’t yet shown the ability to safely drive a car.

For one group of instructors though, the source of their terror wasn’t that they were stuck with a bad driver, but with one that was too good, as they fell victim to a prank of their “student” for the day being a professional drifter and racer.

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Speed is the name of the game in modern entertainment. With thousands of competing channels and websites just a button press or click away, you can’t afford to waste any time delivering the goods, and that goes double for comedy. Get in, do the job, and make your exit before the laughter dies out.

Take this insane Japanese video for example. Woman enters room, sits down, and BOOM – punchline! And we mean that “BOOM” literally.

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Tempura, anyone? Prank at sushi chain involving deep-fried scissors lands part-timers in hot oil

In 2013, Japan saw a meteoric rise in internet photos that depict part-time workers’ silly and sometimes idiotic antics while on the clock (remember the freezer diving phenomenon?). Though the term “bakattā” (a portmanteau word that’s not restricted to part-timers and combines baka, or idiot, and tsuittaa, the Japanese pronunciation of Twitter) was coined back in 2010, it gained even more popularity last year and took fourth place in the 2013 Internet Buzzword Awards, sponsored by the Tokyo company Mirai Kensaku Brazil.

The craze of bragging about law-breaking or idiotic behavior on social networking sites has thankfully died down, partly due to publicization of the serious repercussions faced by some perpetrators. However, it seems like a couple of young guys working at a major revolving sushi chain had not been watching the news, or were looking to get fired: a photo uploaded on the evening of September 24 with a Tweet that said, “I invented a new menu item with [name deleted] today! Lololol” spread like wildfire, only to reach the head of the company by the following morning. D’oh!

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Teenage rascals arrested following spate of drive-by eggings in Osaka

Japan is well-known for its low crime-rate. Only a select few are permitted to own firearms, theft is rare, and the country’s violent crime statistics are among the lowest in the world.

But while you’ll almost never hear of a drive-by shooting in Japan, it turns out that members of the public in one Osaka town have been living in fear recently after a band of rambunctious scallywags took to cruising the streets at night and pelting pedestrians with eggs from the window of a moving car, at one time even stocking up on as many as 50 eggs with which to launch their reign of tamago terror.

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Inspirations for April Fools’ pranks (you can thank us later)【Photos】

Time flies, doesn’t it? It felt like we just stepped into 2014 last week, and all of a sudden March is coming to an end. If you haven’t started preparing for the most “dangerous” day of the year, it’s about time you put your thinking caps on. But don’t worry, we’re not talking about the zombie apocalypse, so keep your guns locked up. We’re talking about April Fools’ Day, of course!

If you can’t find your thinking cap, no worries about that too. We’ve got some prank inspirations here for you!

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How a foreigner’s Halloween prank in Japan started a debate about the imperial system

As we’ve seen, Japanese people are enamoured with the idea of Halloween. From limited edition sweets to pumpkin-orange accessories, the holiday in Japan is centred around all things cute, and very occasionally creepy. So what do you do if you’re a foreigner in Japan who wants to give the locals a taste of the prankster spirit that usually lurks around the corner on a traditional Halloween night?

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