Which of these cute items do you think will really be appearing on the menu?

Hot on the heels of the Funassyi mascot Happy Meal set, McDonald’s Japan is now teaming up with another cute anime-style character for its next adorable release, and as an insatiable teaser to lovers of Sanrio characters everywhere, the fast food chain is asking customers to guess which of these five menu items will really be appearing on the menu.

The star of the new release is Sanrio’s popular Pompompurin, a beret-wearing cream-coloured golden retriever dog who loves drinking milk and eating soft things like his mother’s pudding, which is fitting, seeing as he looks like a “purin” Japanese-style crème caramel pudding. Let’s take a look at the five menu items on which he might be appearing.

1. The Pompompurin Burger is a regular hamburger, only a thousand times cuter, featuring the adorable pup’s image on the top bun, in ten different poses.


2. Chicken McNuggets with Pompompurin Sauce will have customers adding crème caramel flavours to their bite-sized pieces of chicken.


3. The Pompompurin McFlurry is said to contain caramel and custard sauce flavours, along with mini marshmallows and an adorable tub design.


4. The Pom Chiki is described as “Pompompurin meets Shaka Chiki”, which is a crispy serving of fried chicken found on menus at McDonald’s restaurants around Japan. This special release is said to include a sachet of caramel sauce to slather over the chicken.


5. The Babepom (BBQ Pompompurin Burger) is said to contain plenty of delicious sauce and a patty of crème caramel pudding sandwiched in between two buns.


Which one will be on the menu from 14 October? Customers are encouraged to register their guess online, with those who vote for the correct item receiving a cute Pompompurin wallpaper to use on their computers. According to Japanese Twitter users, the Pompompurin McFlurry is one of the most feasible choices, but a lot of other people are hoping all five items will be released. The mystery will be solved when the company makes an announcement on 7 October, so watch this space for more details!

Source, Images: McDonald’s Japan