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Proving once again that anyone can get better as long as they practice, practice, practice!

We all possess abilities that are just waiting to be unlocked — and all we need to unlock those abilities is a whole lot of time. It’s like your grade school gym teacher said, “Practice makes perfect.” Most of us aren’t born prodigies, but nearly anyone can accomplish their goals with a little hard work.

Twitter users in Japan are getting into the “growth mindset” by posting pictures using the hashtag #画力変化ビフォーアフター (lit: “drawing ability transformation before and after”) to show how their drawings have improved over time.

A lot of examples that people are sharing show how good they’ve gotten just by putting in the time to get better at art. Some of these before and after pictures illustrate great improvement in as little as 10 months, and others show wonderful development that required a lengthy period of time.

▼ From crotch lines to a boob window.

▼ Some users even posted art of the same character for a side-by-side comparison.

▼ Many artists improved greatly with details and surface textures.

▼ Others were astonished by their own differences.

▼ Some artists may have even sparked their own self-improvement journey.

▼ This goes to show that even something like clouds can improve greatly.

▼ Apparently all this person creates are weapons.

▼ It just takes some time to find your own style.

▼ Or gain the confidence to go from pencil to full-blown color.


▼ A lot of people posted middle school work and then flashed ahead to high school pieces.

▼ Or even a year by year comparison.


▼ From preschool to today!


It’s an inspiring hashtag that we hope we see more of in the future. It just goes to show that it’s never too late to pick up a new skill. You can teach an old dog new tricks — you just have to be willing to put in the effort!

Top Image: Twitter/@ncr_sora