We try out the “head in a jar” prank, seen in a viral video, at the office

Office jokes come to a head.

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Miyagi senior’s joke bombs so hard it delays a flight for 50 minutes

I’ve had it with these mother%*&#ing jokes on these mothermother%*&#ing planes.

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McDonald’s Japan gets in on the April Fools’ Day fun with “new menu items”

Nothing says “I’m lovin’ it” like a few cheeky jokes.

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Let’s learn Japanese through terrible “American jokes”

If you’re an English-speaking foreigner living in Japan and are prone to cracking jokes, it won’t be long before someone responds to something you’ve said with a shrug of the shoulders and the phrase “American joke”. This used to confuse me immensely (“but, but, I’m not American!”) before I realised that an Amerikan Jōku doesn’t have to be told by an American, or be related to the United States in any way. It’s just what you say in Japan when you have the feeling the person you’re talking to is making a joke, but you don’t really understand what’s funny – and want to avoid the potential awkwardness of explicitly saying so.

Today we bring you 10 “American jokes” posted to Japanese website 2channel. Impress and appall your Japanese friends in equal measure by trying out one of these painful puns on them. Who says humour doesn’t translate?

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