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These batteries aren’t full of electricity — they’re full of love.

Idol groups in Japan are big on interactions with fans. Whether it’s handshake events, flexing events, or being able to date and marry the idols themselves, as far as the managers are concerned, anything that gets fans closer to the idols gets them closer to their wallets.

And now we’ve entered the next stage of fans connecting to their favorite idols: Batteries that have been charged especially for them via sweating on a bike.

Watch the full video advertisement below, or scroll down for highlights to see the absurdity in action.

▼ Here are the love-batteries, but how does the love get put into them?

idol batteries 02

▼ Well, mostly through pedaling.

idol batteries 03

▼ Lots and lots of pedaling.

idol batteries 01

▼ And of course thinking about how much they love their fans…
while pedaling.

idol batteries 04

▼ Sometimes the love is just overwhelming and they get
an extra bit of love-juice in the batteries.

idol batteries 06

▼ Or, if batteries filled with pedaling-love isn’t your thing,
you can have them charged via dancing as well.

idol batteries 05

▼ They may be covered in sweat, but they still work just fine!

idol batteries 07

▼ And don’t forget the little messages from the idols written on the love-batteries!

idol batteries 08

▼ “Do your best ♥ ♥”
I can imagine no truer expression of pure love.

idol batteries 09

Pack of two idol-charged batteries can be purchased at LoveEnergy’s website for 3,000 yen (US$27). Sure, that may be about ten times as expensive as normal batteries, but can you really put a price on unrequited love?

Source: LoveEnergy via ValuePress!
Images: LoveEnergy