For many pets, the scariest thing in the world is a vacuum cleaner — but this cat took an unusual route to escape the monster machine!

Twitter user @sasaokameat, who is a nurse, the owner of quite a few cats, and a part time manga artist, recently caught the attention of other Japanese users with this adorable photo of her cat Kaede sitting astride her vacuum cleaner, looking equal parts terrified and guilty.

“My cat was terrified of the vacuum cleaner but was at a loss for where to hide and ended up here. It realized that it was safe from being attacked by the vacuum’s nozzle. (*I wonder if it’s okay there.)”

And here’s another shot of the cat hiding from that evil nozzle with its friends sulking in the background.

But the cuteness level doubles when you see this illustration @sasaokameat drew to show everyone how things turned out for Kaede. She explains that, as you’re probably imagining, the cat just sits there shaking as she drags the machine through the apartment, sucking up all the dirt.

Well, we have to say that this is one clever cat — not many would think to run towards the source of all that noise, but we love the logic Kaede is employing here. And if you want to see more of Kaede (and a ton more cats) or @sasaokameat’s manga work, be sure to follow her on Twitter. She also has lots of photos of ramen to make your stomach growl.

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Sources: Irorio, Togech, Twitter/@sasaokameat
Featured image: Twitter/@sasaokameat