We know updating is important for security, but this might be a bit much, Microsoft.

Most security experts will tell you that keeping your technology up-to-date is imperative to avoiding attacks — it won’t prevent everything, but it’s an important first step. So, in that regard, we kind of understand the pushiness of Microsoft’s update notifications.

On the other hand, pretty much anyone who uses a Windows machine can probably empathize with the owner of this digital billboard…

“Being attacked by the Windows 10 Update pop-up!”

▼ At least you can still see a good chunk of the advertisement…


To be fair, we have a feeling this isn’t entirely Microsoft’s fault — we imagine there are probably some settings that should have been configured differently to prevent popups from going to the giant screen.

Japanese commenters had a few (satirical) thoughts on the photo.

“But still I’d click no.”
“Oh, shut up, Windows!”
“It’s going to just keep popping up until you update!!”
“This has really risen to a threatening level…”
“Hey, maybe it’s and advertisement for Windows 10!”
“I bet they were just trying to get publicity on Twitter.”
“It’s like cyber-terrorism.”
“The update started on me when I was in the middle of a presentation before, so I can’t really laugh…”

Yikes! Computers are meant to make our lives better, not ruin our presentations!

We know Microsoft is busy dealing with their AI-centered problems, so maybe this is just a bit lower on their priority list at the moment…

Sources: Hamusoku, Twitter/@natsuki_koh
Featured image: Twitter/@natsuki_koh