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Video’s first question is tough, but the second is almost impossible.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re on your way home after a long day at school and you suddenly get ambushed by a legion of katana-wielding businessmen? I mean, as if your schedule isn’t packed enough with trigonometry homework, LINE messages from friends to respond to, and important RocketNew24 articles to read.

Still, when you do find yourself in such a situation, the only thing to do is fight back, like the schoolgirl in this video who whips out a sword of her own and meets her attackers head-on. One after another she dispatches her adversaries, but not only is this an awesome display of melee combat, it’s also a quiz.

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“How many people has this high school girl slashed?” the video asks as it opens, although in this case the Japanese used, kiru, could be more accurately translated as “killed” or “defeated.” In other words, the challenge is to count how many foes she takes down in the video’s runtime, regardless of what sort of killing blow is involved.

Think you can keep up with her rapid-fire strikes? Then click the play button and don’t blink!

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The key to getting the right answer is to focus and keep your cool. If you let your concentration waver from the surprise of an armor-clad samurai showing up like a video game boss for the fight’s climax, you might momentarily forget that he was preceded by 99 salarymen, bringing the schoolgirl’s streak of victories to a nice, round 100 when she strikes him down.

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But while zeroing in on the tip of the girl’s sword will help you get the right answer to the first question the video poses, too much tunnel vision means you’ll get tripped up by the trick question that comes next: Where were the four kunoichi (female ninjas) that also appear in the video?

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Don’t feel bad if you didn’t even notice one the first time around. We didn’t either, and it took us an embarrassingly large number of rewatches to find them even when they were all we were looking for.

If you’re stumped, the ninja can be seen at the 0:00, 0:12, 0:57, and 1:45 marks. Yep, there’s one in the video’s very first frame!

Give up? Then let’s go on a kunoichi photo safari together.

Blue kunoichi (0:00)

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Miss Blue can also be seen later in the video, and the camera pans right in front of her face.

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The white kunoichi (0:12) displays the most athleticism.

KV 11

Like the blue kunoichi, the black kunoichi (0:58) is hidden in plain sight, and also holding a negi (long green onion) for some reason.

KV 12

And finally, serving as the opposite bookend to the blue kunoichi’s first-frame appearance, the pink kunoichi drops the camouflage sheet she’s been hiding behind as the kill tally of 100 is shown.

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So who’s responsible for this eye-opening display of the effects of selective attention? Online video service Hikari TV (the same company behind the awesome rock-climbing schoolgirl ad from last summer), reminding us that the higher the resolution in the videos you watch, the more detail you’ll be able to pick up.

Of course, some may argue that this test is rigged, since not only does it keep the second question a secret until the very end, but also makes no prior mention of the fact that kunoichi will be involved. To that, though, we’re going to say the same thing our parents said to us when we were growing up: No matter the situation, always assume that there will be ninja.

Source: YouTube/ひかりTV
Images: YouTube/ひかりTV (edited by RocketNews24)