The colourful sextuplets from hit anime Osomatsu-san have transformed into the Sailor Moon cast and are here to punish you in the name of the NEETs!

Although the Osomatsu-san anime has come to an end, much to the grief of the many, many fans of the good-for-nothing NEET Matsuno brothers, Sailor Moon Crystal is still rocking and rolling in its third season. But both titles are hugely popular, so will a crossover collaboration tickle the fancy of both fanbases?

The adorkable sextuplets are no strangers to cover shots, but in the May issue of Japanese magazine YOU, the six lovable NEETs from Osomatsu-san grace the cover with an unexpected appearance as the Inner Senshi and Chibi Moon!

▼ Osomatsu as Sailor Moon, Karamatsu as Sailor Mercury, Ichimatsu as Sailor Mars, Choromatsu as Sailor Jupiter, Jyushimatsu as Sailor Venus, and Todomatsu as Sailor Chibi Moon.

▼ The issue comes with a double-sided Osomatsu-san poster.

What has surprised fans more than the striking cover visual is the rare collaboration between the two publishing powerhouses. Osomatsu-san the manga is an ongoing series that’s been published in Shueisha’s monthly magazine, YOU, since its February issue. On the other hand, the Sailor Moon manga is published by rival Kodansha. We really wonder what went on behind the scenes that led to dressing Osomatsu and his brothers up as Sailor Senshi!

Would you rather have the Osomatsu-san boys transform into Sailor Senshi, or the girls from Sailor Moon leading NEET lifestyles?

Source/image: Kai-You