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The Sailor Moon manga began serialization in 1991, and the anime debuted soon after in 1992, so it’s safe to say many people have grown up following the adventures of the Sailor Senshi. If you’re getting ready to celebrate having completed another year of your life as a fan of the perennially popular magical girl franchise, why not do it with these soon-to-be-released Sailor Moon birthday cakes, topped with chocolate versions of the series’ characters?

While Sailor Moon herself may get marque-billing, part of the secret to the franchise’s success is the across-the-board charisma of its ensemble cast. That’s why instead of going with a single design, there will be eight different Sailor Moon birthday cakes.

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Shown from left to right along the top row are the Sailor Moon Fresh Strawberry Cake, Tuxedo Mask Chocolat Framboise (because “chocolate raspberry” sounds even more decadent when you say it in French), Sailor Mercury Quivering Jelly Cake, and Sailor Mars Red Berry Tart. Pictured along the bottom are the Sailor Jupiter Matcha Square Cake, Sailor Venus Orange Mousse, Sailor Chibi Moon Luna P Dome Cake (made with blueberry cream), and Sailor Pluto Sachertorte (a chocolate cake with apricot jam filling).

▼ The Sailor Moon cakes are ready for their close-ups.

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The cakes go on sale September 21 at convenience stores as well as anime and novelty shops across Japan for the very reasonable price of 600 yen (US$4.80). Each comes with a super-deformed chocolate figure of the corresponding character which is surprisingly detailed for something that’s edible.

▼ Although we’re not exactly sure why Sailor Pluto’s image color is green.

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You also get a cake stand and plastic candle substitutes that come with fake flames, letting you personalize the desserts in a way sure to delight Sailor Moon fans of ages 1 to 32. Any older than that, and the unusual distribution of digits (a double supply of 1s and 2s, but only one of each other number) means not every numerical combination is possible, although any anime enthusiasts who have attained immortality will be happy to know the cakes come with everything they need to make their 987,654,322,110th birthday a very special one.

Source: Nijimen
Images: Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary official website