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Anime’s most famous magical girls are out in full force in their latest fashion offering.

Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura seem to be competing with one another to see whose magical girl anime franchise can provide more girlish fashion accessories. So since Sakura recently got her own line of bracelets, now the Sailor Senshi are getting their own too.

As with the Cardcaptor Sakura bracelets, the Sailor Moon versions are also produced as a joint effort between anime fashion brand Super Groupies and ma chére cosette? (which, despite how its name may look, is an accessory maker, not a question on your midterm for French class). Often new Sailor Moon merchandise is first rolled out for the five main characters first, and only expanded to the rest of the cast later on, but Super Groupies has come out in full force with bracelets inspired by all 10 of the Sailor Senshi.

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Each character actually has two bracelets saluting her, which are sold as a paired set for 4,800 yen (US$40). Both are studded with colored glass beads representing the colors of their sailor suits, with one featuring a charm of the character’s celestial mark, and the other her chest ribbon. All ship in a book-style jewelry box.

▼ Sailor Moon

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▼ Sailor Mercury

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▼ Sailor Mars

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▼ Sailor Jupiter

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▼ Sailor Venus

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▼ Sailor Chibi Moon

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▼ Sailor Uranus

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▼ Sailor Neptune

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▼ Sailor Pluto

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▼ Sailor Saturn

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Super Groupies boasts that the bracelets look stylish worn either individually as a pair, and even suggests mixing and matching to create a team-up of two of your favorite Senshi, which sounds like something that would appeal to fans of titular heroine Sailor Moon and daughter Chibi Moon, or devoted couple Uranus and Neptune.

The bracelets can be ordered directly from Super Groupies here, with delivery scheduled for mid-March.

Source: Super Groupies
Images: Super Groupies (edited by RocketNews24)