Now you can enjoy a vacation in cool anime style with Sailor Moon travel accessories in six character designs.

If you’ve ever dreamed of letting your hair down and dressing as your favourite Sailor Moon character while on your next getaway, but want to avoid curious looks from fellow travellers, now you can let your cases do the cosplay for you.


The gorgeous trolley cases retail for 24,840 yen (US$205.21) each, with six Sailor suit designs to choose from.

▼ Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon


▼ Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars


▼ Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus


▼ There are even gorgeous little details on the zipper closures.


▼ Each case bears the colour and name of its famous senshi warrior.



The leather schoolgirl bow on the front is detachable so you can dress the case up with a charm if you prefer, while the inside of the bags feature a pretty pink lining filled with a variety of transformation items, symbols, and a cute image of Luna the cat.


▼ And to go with the adorable cases, there are six matching carry-on bags retailing for 7,344 yen each.


The extra-large tote bags feature the same pink lining, zipper details and leather bow charm as the cases. Plus, they fit snugly on top of them, making for a neat looking set.



▼ And to complete the set, there are six passport cases retailing for 3,132 yen each.


▼ What better way to protect your passport than with the power of the Moon?


The Sailor Moon travel items are available by pre-order only, from Premium Bandai and Super Groupies for a limited time until 13 January, with delivery scheduled for the end of April 2016.

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Source, Images: Premium Bandai, Super Groupies