In the name of science, our caffeine-addicted team of intrepid reporters continue their culinary tradition of trying their taste buds to the limits.

Following in the footsteps of their last all-carbs meal experiment, our reporters decided it was high time to bring out the office rice cooker for their next round of cooking terror fun. This time, instead of combining an assortment of ingredients into a mystery mishmash, they decided to keep things simple with only one new ingredient and replace the usual water with iced coffee.

▼ This could either go very, very well or very, very badly.


After combining the dry white rice with the coffee and pushing the “Start” button, there wasn’t much to do but wait eagerly in anticipation for the end result while singing the RocketNews24 theme song.

“Real events! Waiting in line! Strongest recipes!”


And here’s the finished product! Due to the brown color, it doesn’t look that much different from brown rice, but as our reporters were surprised to note, the aroma emanating from the rice cooker was actually closer to that of rye bread. Confusing for their nostrils, to say the least.


But how about the taste? The final consensus was that it actually wasn’t that bad! Sure, the coffee left a slightly bitter aftertaste, but by no means was the rice inedible. Instead, it had that a “healthy” taste like something you’d find in a health food store.

Some of our team commented that it also tasted similar to sekihan, a mix of sweet azuki red beans and rice typically eaten on auspicious occasions, so they sprinkled some salt over it (as is often done with sekihan) and it became even tastier! Who would’ve thought that coffee could take on so many different flavors?

Now it’s time for some reaction pictures. What did each of our team members think of this latest creation?

▼ P.K. Sanjun, who spearheaded this experiment, was a bit apprehensive to take the first bite.


▼ Thankfully, the taste turned out to be surprisingly normal.


▼ Go Hattori: “It tastes a bit like sekihan.


▼ Yoshio had to concur.


▼ Since the two of them agreed, we added some salt to make it taste even more similar to sekihan.


▼ However, ace reporter Mr. Sato (who’s still sporting a blond ‘do from his time as Donald Trump) had to agree to disagree. “It’s not sekihan, it’s just rice!”


▼ Yuichiro commented, commenting “It’s surprisingly normal” with an unimpressed expression.


▼ Seiji thought it was actually pretty good…


▼ …so we added some more salt and mixed in sesame oil to bring out even more flavor.


▼ “Yeah, this is great!”



Our team probably won’t be going out of their way to make iced coffee rice again anytime soon, but it proved to be one of their more pleasant culinary experiments in recent memory. At least they’ll now have something to cook their rice with if the water should ever shut off just around dinner time!

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