High-speed cooking gadget is also great for those living the single life.

It was only last month that we had our minds blown by the Twin Chef, a Japanese kitchen gadget that allows you to cook rice and something to eat with it, such as delicious curry, simultaneously. But what if you’re of the mind that less is actually more?

That’s the option provided by Japanese company Thanko, with its Super High-Speed One-Person Bento Box Rice Cooker. An extra-compact design, the unit measures just 24 centimeters (9.4 inches) long, 10 centimeters wide, and 8 centimeters tall and weighs one kilogram (2.2 pounds), making it small and light enough to stick in your bag and take to work so you can enjoy freshly cooked rice right at your desk!

The unit can make up to 180 milliliters (6.1 ounces) of rice at a time, enough for a decent-sized single serving. At full capacity, the entire cooking process takes just 19 minutes, and you can cut that down to 14 if you’re making a half-size batch. Assuming you’ve got a one-hour lunch break, that’s plenty of time to add the water, hit the switch, and enjoy your freshly cooked rice once it’s ready to eat.

▼ You can make the process especially easy by filling the compartment with pre-washed rice before you head to the office.

Unlike the miraculous self-stirring coffee cups we looked at the other day, the Super High-Speed One-Person Bento Box Rice Cooker does require electricity. The unit comes with a 140-centimeter (55-inch) power cord, though, which should be long enough to reach an office outlet.

Alternatively, the Super High-Speed One-Person Bento Box Rice Cooker also makes for a handy at-home appliance. If you live by yourself, a full-sized rice cooker will generally make more rice than you need for a single meal, so you’re either wasting space in the pot and washing an unnecessarily large piece of equipment after every meal, or you’re stuck with a bunch of leftover rice that won’t taste as good as a fresh batch when you warm it up in the microwave the next day.

▼ Easy to wash and store

In a pinch, it’ll even make enough rice for two, if you’ve got a special friend coming over and want to impress them with some warm, grain-based hospitality.

▼ As one satisfied user points out, eating directly from the unit keeps any toppings you add warm, and also cuts down on the number of dishes you need to wash.

The Super High-Speed One-Person Bento Box Rice Cooker is priced at 6,980 yen (US$63), and can be ordered online from Thanko here.

Source: Thanko via Kakaku.com Magazine via Hachima Kiko
Images: Thanko
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