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A watch fit for a Pirate King.

Ask any fans of One Piece why they’ve been following the hit anime and manga franchise for close to two decades, and you’re likely to hear them wax poetic about the inspiring bond between the main characters. Even when the rest of the world turns against them, Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates fight together.

If you’ve got a similarly tight-knit group of comrades, no doubt you get together often. So to make sure you don’t keep them waiting when the time comes to gather for your latest adventure, Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer is releasing an ultra-exclusive One Piece watch.

Sharing its internals with the company’s popular Aqua Racer Black Phantom model, the Aqua Racer Phantom One Piece Special Edition can be distinguished by its compass-style bezel, with the stylized skull and crossbones seen in the One Piece emblem sitting at 12 o’clock. Primarily a chic black, there are colored accents in a crimson evocative of main character Luffy’s always unbuttoned red shirt, plus a deep blue that brings to mind the ocean waters his ship sails on.

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Production is limited to just 1,000 units. The first 500 customers to place a preorder between now and May 31 will get to choose which of the series’ nine principal heroes they want emblazoned on the back cover, while the remaining watches will feature a group shot of the whole crew.

As a high-precision timepiece, pricing is set at commensurate 350,000 yen (US$3,270). We urge prospective buyers, though, to obtain the necessary funds through legal means, not high-seas plunder. In addition, while the Aqua Racer Phantom One Piece Special Edition is a diver’s watch, if you yourself share Luffy’s shortcoming of not being able to swim, please remember to always be careful around any large body of water.

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