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Move over Sailor Moon, it’s the age of pirates! While there have been a huge influx of Sailor Moon related products to promote the new Sailor Moon Crystal, everyone knows that in a battle between sailors and pirates, the pirates will win. Accessory maker Wargo Nippon has a new collaboration with One Piece to give all the fans a special way to show off their pirate pride. If you’ve got long hair and have been waiting for a stylish way to keep it out of your face, the wait is over.

Wargo Nippon is known for making intricate but stylish and affordable accessories for your kimono or yukata. A brief tour around their website will make you wish you could wear traditional Japanese clothes all the time just so you can show off the sweet accessories. Luckily, many of the pieces can be incorporated into everyday fashion and the latest items in their collaboration series combines the powerhouse pirate manga One Piece and the fun of wearing your hair up.

Coming in three character styles, these One Piece ornate hairpins, or kanzashi in Japanese, will make you the envy of all your sailing buddies. Each accessory is lovingly crafted based on Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, or”Soul King” Brook.

one jewel 2 one jewel 5one jewel 7The hairpins are classy and charming enough that if someone isn’t paying attention they won’t notice that you are proudly displaying your One Piece fandom. However, the designs are obvious enough that other true fans will be begging to see them up close.

▼ Besides Luffy’s signature hat, check out his gum gum fists too!one jewel 4

▼ Brook’s afro skull and hand along with Laboon the whale

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▼ Zoro’s Wado Ichimonji, Sandai Kitetsu. and Shusui swords

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You can find these fabulous hair ornaments at Kanzashiya Wargo stores or any accessory shop that carries Wargo Nippon products. Fans of Luffy can pick one up for 6,372 yen (US $52), while the Soul King Brook version is 7,452 yen ($60) and Zoro, the most expensive of the three, is 9,612 yen ($78).

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one jewel 6

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It’s never too late to join Luffy’s crew, so make sure you let everyone know that you support “Team Luffy” with these sweet but subtle ornate hairpins from Wargo Nippon. You won’t have to spend a “grand” to get a “line” on these accessories, just head to your closest store or the Wargo Nippon online shop.

Source: Wargo Nippon via Zhai Zhai Xin Wen
Images: Wargo Nippon