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Looks like Luffy and his anime cohorts have been enjoying too many high-calorie meals while sailing the high seas.

We recently took a look at what would happen if Pikachu started hitting the gym and packing on muscle mass, but what about the opposite scenario? Luffy and the other stars of long-running anime/manga One Piece may be adventurous heroes, but they’re also pirates, a group whose members aren’t necessarily known for having a healthy, balanced lifestyle. What would the results be if the Straw Hat Pirates got gluttonous and started letting themselves go?

Probably something like this.

This month, Banpresto, one of the many arms of anime merchandiser extraordinaire Bandai, is releasing a six-piece set of One Piece figures, called One Piece World Collectable Figure Style Up. The word “style” is often used in Japanese to refer to a person’s physique, rather than his clothes, and the six figures represent both slim and heavyset versions of leading man Luffy, sharpshooter Usopp, and violently tempered Alvida.

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If the promotional video has you thinking of an infomercial, the effect is intentional. As a matter of fact, the figures have an official nod of approval from Rizap, one of Japan’s trendiest fad weight-loss programs, whose advertisements the figures’ video pays homage to.

▼ Somehow, losing weight also caused Usopp and Alvida to get new clothes.

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If you’d like to keep a set of these figures around, either for a sense of solidarity while pursuing your own fitness goals or just as a very different take on the trio of pirates, the complete set can be ordered here through Amazon Japan for 6,600 yen (US$60).

Source: IT Media
Insert images: YouTube/BANPRESTO CHANNEL, Amazon Japan

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