Uniqlo captures dramatic moments of the One Piece storyline in eight shirt designs.

One Piece is such an institution in the anime world that it’s almost hard to believe that the animated series has only been around for 25 years. Still, hitting the quarter-century mark, and with no breaks, is an amazing accomplishment, especially in the current industry where taking months, if not years, off between seasons has become the norm for most anime franchises.

So to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the One Piece anime series, Uniqlo is bringing out an awesome new line of T-shirts featuring protagonist pirate Luffy and his seafaring friends and foes.

There are eight different designs, each based on a different theme related to the emotional beats of the story and starting with “Determination,” which bears Luffy’s proclamation “I’m gonna be king of the pirates!” right over your heart and repeats the pledge on the back.

The “Friends,” or “Nakama,” shirt has the Straw Hat crew coming together with “the sign of our fellowship,” as the shirt describes it.

“Captain Strength” shows Luffy striking a Gear Second power pose.

“The Loss” commemorates the ultimate sacrifice made by Portgas D. Ace, which is kind of an ironic inspiration for a shirt considering Portgas’ penchant for being barechested

Things are back to a jollier tone with the “Reunion” shirt…

…and “Alliance” has Luffy and Law teaming up against Donquixote Doflamingo.

“Emperor” features, naturally, Kaidou, with a subtle graphic on the front and a lot more bombast on the back…

…and, finally, “New Chapter” has our heroes in their futuristic Egghead outfits from One Piece’s newest story arc.

Each shirt is priced at 1,500 yen (S$9.70) and will be available in men’s sizes extra small to extra-extra-extra—extra-large. The entire lineup goes on sale July 22 at Uniqlo stores and through the Uniqlo online shop here.

Source: Uniqlo
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