The staff of this year’s Godzilla Resurgence film have continued to play up that the film is helmed by chief director Hideaki Anno. Godzilla faced off against Unit-01 in this year’s April Fool’s joke on the film’s official website and Bandai Namco Entertainment and Granzella Inc.’s upcoming collaboration game Kyoei Toshi (City Shrouded in Shadow) also looks to have both the mecha and monster appearing at some point. Even frequent Godzilla designer Shinji Nishikawa drew a mock-up poster for Bandai’s Ichiban Kuji lottery in July.

A second visual featuring the two behemoths was added to the April Fools’ Day page, this time drawn by Yuji Kaida, an artist renowned as the “Kaiju Artist” for his work on giant monsters.


Kaida has previously worked on promotional and visual art for tokusatsu works like Ultraman, and more recently, the 2014 Godzilla film.

The popular images will be used as giveaway items for viewers who pre-order their tickets. The images will appear on clear files with a limited run of 55,555 on April 23.

Source: Anime! Anime!

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