There’s a party in these wigs and everyone’s invited.

Our Japanese writer Go Hatori is known for his rummages through the discount chain store Daiso. Most items here from pasta forks to hair waxing strips are priced at 100 yen (US$0.90) but certain “luxury” items get priced higher. One such item is the Party Wig which sells for 500 yen ($4.50) and comes in a variety of styles.

▼ Putting a question mark after your product’s name is always a daring marketing move.

Just 500 yen to completely reinvent your look sounds like an amazing deal, so Go splurged and bought two: Wave Long and Super Long.

Those familiar with Go, are probably aware that he is no stranger to wigs. Over the years he, in the form of Rei-chan, has owned about 10 of them and has become fairly used to their levels of quality. So it was time to see what these low-cost ones had to offer.

▼ Well that doesn’t look so long…

▼ Ooooh

Starting with the Super Long, Go was impressed with the thickness of hair used in it. It was both long and smooth to the touch as well.

That being said, this by no means rivaled the high-end wigs available, but he would say it is easily on par with a mid-range wig.

Now, to try it on…

Dang… That went better than expected.

Again, it’s not the greatest wig experience Go’s ever had, but for 500 yen it more than delivered.

Even the name “Super Long” seemed destined to disappoint, but didn’t. Both long and thick, this wasn’t a waste of 500 yen at all.

So, how about the Wave Long?

This one was even heavier and thicker that the Super Long. By the way, these wigs are all one-size-fits-all using an elastic band up top.

The Wave Long’s luscious brown curls exploded onto the table, literally knocking the socks off our reporter, as shown in the image below.

It resembled a small yet very hairy animal of some kind. The curls were kind of wild though, which was less than desirable for the level of glamour Go was accustomed to. However, this shouldn’t be mistaken for one of those ratty gag wigs usually sold at discount stores either. It was still decent quality for 500 yen.

Let’s see how it transforms Go this time…

▼ Good headbanging potential

We can’t quite put our finger on why, but Go looked rather French with this new do. It was enough for him to form a new alter-ego: Fifi Oillianne.

However, if you see Fifi, approach with caution. Everything Go knows about French culture he learned from Pepé Le Pew cartoons, and he may be a little more hungry like the wolf than usual.

▼ Le rawr!

Of course when it comes to wigs, it’s really a matter of how well it complements one’s own unique facial features. So we can’t stress enough that RESULTS MAY VARY.

For instance we can’t guarantee these Party Wigs will transform your Game Genie T-shirt into a boob-filled crop top like it did here. That being said, we can help you in that area as well if needed.

They do give you a hearty dose of glamour for a decent price though. Go was more than satisfied and noticing that these two wigs were numbers 5 and 6, he decided to invest in the rest of the Party Wig collection to add to his ever-growing arsenal.

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