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Japanese family crests (or kamon), have been passed down through the generations for centuries, although these days they’re mostly seen in the patterns of kimono or the logos of sushi restaurants, as well as on flags and armour. Kamon are circular, often featuring animal or plant motifs.

These family crests have found a new home now, though – as logos on cute shoes! These kamon pumps, from an Ikebukuro-based cosplay store, use the actual family motifs of four armoured generals (“busho” in Japanese) from the Sengoku period, to make up this new feudal warlord series. We do love it when Japan combines old and new!

▼ The low-heeled pumps feature the kamon of Kuroda Yoshitaka (on black), Akechi Mitsuhide (white), Mōri Motonari (green), and Maeda Toshimasu (orange).


▼ And here’s what Kuroda Yoshitaka‘s family crest looks like when it’s not on patent shoes!

▼ If you’re more of an Akechi kind of girl…


Mōri-san’s kamon is this striking modern-looking design.


▼ And last but not least, the family crest of Maeda Toshimasu.


▼ With a low heel of 1.7cm, these pumps are perfect for day or night; shopping or maybe attending historical conventions.

So if you’ve been looking for a way to show the world your feudal allegiances, you can get your hands on a pair for 6,980 yen (US $68) from Assist Wig, a cosplay wig and accessory store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

▼ The full “Sengoku busho shiriisu” (warring states feudal warrior series!)


As one Twitter user has pointed out, kamon pumps bear more than a passing resemblance to these Tory Burch ballet pumps. Although at $265, these come in at a significantly higher price than Assist Wig’s offerings.

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Source: Togech
Top image: @GingerNikoniko via Twitter   Other images: Assist Wig via Twitter, Rakuten, Naganoblog, rowmoment_boy, ttrinity,Assist Wig via Twitter, @GingerNikonikoShopBop (edited by RocketNews24).