Does this hairpiece really deserve its one-star rating?

Our Japanese-language reporter Masanuki Sunakoma has been scouring the depths of Amazon recently, searching for the worst-rated products on the site.

After discovering a three-piece suit that turned out to be a two-piece, and buying a one-yen hat too small for his head, Masanuki was now in the market for something even more unusual, and he found it in the form of the “New European and American Men’s Gold Gradation Short Curly Hair Wig Set”.

This one-star rated wig came with an image of a handsome man who Masanuki figured was a stock image model, but after running a quick image search, he found that it looked to be a photo of Martin Andrzej Rolinski, a Polish-born Swedish singer.

▼ Google image search results (top) and wig photos (below)

This had all the hallmarks of a bad purchase, but Masanuki liked Rolinski’s curls, which made him look like a handsome Greek god, so he hit the order button and waited patiently for the product to arrive.

About ten days later, the New European and American Men’s Gold Gradation Short Curly Hair Wig Set arrived from China. 

▼ Masanuki paid 1,408 yen (US$11.01) for the wig on Amazon Japan.

The reviewer who left a one-star rating for the wig on Amazon Japan had this to say about the item: “I thought it looked cool so I bought it, but the lengths on the left and right sides were too different so it was a waste of money!”

▼ Would Masanuki feel the same way about this wig as well?

▼ Upon opening the package, Masanuki found the set contained the wig and a hair cap.

▼ He immediately put them on and stared in the mirror to assess his transformation.

As always, Masanuki likes to take his weird looks out into the real world, or at least the world immediately outside his apartment, for a trial run.

As he felt the wind rush through his golden locks, he sashayed barefoot over the asphalt in his best Greek god tunic.

▼ “Behold my beauty!”

Refusing to bow down and worship Masanuki as a god? Perhaps a backdrop of roses will help.

Still not convinced? Then perhaps this graphic of him descending from the heavens will make you see him in a new light.

It was a valiant attempt to look like a god, but Masanuki will have to do more than don a cheap wig to make us think he’s anything but the dark lord of the senbero.

The wig may not have been as bad as Masanuki had anticipated, but he’s not entirely convinced this is a look he can pull off outside the realm of his apartment grounds, so the wig will be going in the drawer with these lowest-rated gloves from Amazon for now.

Source: Amazon
Photos: ©SoraNews24
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