“Shocking” and “exquisite” aren’t normally words used to describe an egg sandwich but we think we found one that fits the bill.

Tamagoyaki is a hugely popular dish in Japanese cuisine consisting of egg seasoned with limitless combinations of ingredients before being rolled and slowly fried into a dense brick of sweet-tasting goodness.


Shoro, which was originally a sushi shop, switched over to dealing exclusively in tamagoyaki all the way back in 1946 after perfecting their signature seasoning. Now with three locations in the Tokyo area, they continue to blaze trails in the art of tamagoyaki, especially with their notable Shoro Sando (Shoro Sandwich), which sees a wedge of their famous egg block flanked with soft white bread.

Our man P.K. Sanjun went down to their Tsukiji location to try a Shoro Sando for himself. But first he would have to find one among the yellow blanket of fried egg creations in Shoro’s display case, such as standard Dashimaki Tamago (tamagoyaki rolled with special seasoning) and Unagi-iri Tamagoyaki (tamagoyaki with eel).

▼ We weren’t kidding when we said they deal exclusively in tamagoyaki…

The Shoro Sando was unmistakable, however, with the outer bread layers barely managing to contain two huge wedges of fried egg. That ingredients list might seem a little light, especially considering the 500-yen (US$4.70) price tag, but P.K. had faith that the Shoro Sando would be worthy of its asking price.

These aren’t just any old eggs, either: Shoro uses only eggs produced by a carefully chosen farm in Ibaraki Prefecture, which ships them to Shoro just a day after they were laid. Besides that, P.K. quickly learned where the value of the Shoro Sando comes from after he took his first bite.

Upon sinking his teeth into the yielding pillow of egg, his mouth was flooded with the special blend of flavors finely honed by Shoro over the decades. It was intense enough to catch P.K. by surprise without being overwhelmingly sweet like less skillfully made tamagoyaki can be. The fluffy bread and thin layer of margarine pushed it just over the top and made it truly a rare treat in the world of egg sandwiches.

So, if you fancy yourself a fan of egg sandwiches, tamagoyaki, or if you’re just a plain connoisseur of good food, then you really ought to pay a visit to the Tsukiji Shoro or one of their other locations in Mitsukoshi or Tokyo Station. It’s egg-ceptional!!!

You see, because it has eggs and… I’m sorry.

Shop information

Tsukiji Shoro
4-13-13 Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo
Monday to Saturday – 4:00am to 3:00pm
Sunday & Holidays – 9:00am to 3:00pm

Original report by P.K. Sanjun
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