Up-and-coming idol Shina Pikarin is making a bloody splash among teens in Japan with her occasional death-metal vocals and up-tempo pop beats.

Having amassed a huge following, particularly among teenage girls in Shibuya, Shina Pikarin (or Pikarin for short) released her first official single, titled “Makai Shinju” (“Makai Double-Suicide”), on 3 May.

Pikarin is unique among idols in that she claims to come from Makai which is a kind of hell or land of demons in Buddhism. Despite her youthful appearance, Pikarin’s says she’s about 20,000 years old, but as demon women are known to lie about the age, I’m guessing she’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 29,000.

In light of this, it might be worth giving “Makai Shinju”‘s lyrics a whirl.

Pikapikapi pikarin, I’m an explosion of magic
Pikapikapi pikarin, I want to smash you

Come in! Come Out!
Tonight! Tonight!
Shut up!

If you notice and
Are crazy about me
Hey! Looking only at me
Love suicide in Makai

If you want to die here and now
Want to die together with me
Let me drink your blood

If you want to die here and now
Die together with me
Your eyeballs today are sweet

Pikapikapi pikarin, if I cast a Makai spell
Pikapikapi pikarin, opening the secret door

Come in! Come Out!
Tonight! Tonight!
Shut up!

If I notice and
Am crazy about you
Hey! Looking only at you
Love suicide in Makai

If I want to die here and now
Want to die together with you
Make you drink my blood

If you want to die…

Believe me, it’s a lot catchier than it reads on paper.

In this video, Pikarin is called out to a factory late at night…possibly to adjust the backgauges on the hydraulic brake presses. Suddenly, she finds herself perused by someone in a pillowcase.

At certain times Pikarin and her assailant appear to have become friends and dance together, much like Kid ‘n Play did back in the days of yore.

Then things get even more intimate.

At this point the plot has completely lost me, but that’s okay. It’s a music video after all, not an instructional video on installing sconces in your living room. Oh, and in case you missed it, in the video above, Pikarin is also unique in that she occasionally breaks in the “death growl” made famous from death metal music. Here’s the video cued up to one of those parts for your convenience.

Ultimately it will be up to the fans to decide if the world is big enough for two metal-themed idol acts along with the current force that is Babymetal. If you’re in the Tokyo area and want to help Pikarin achieve similar levels of global fame, you can start by showing support one of her several live performances around the city, as announced on her Twitter account.

And if you’re still on the fence about her music, we’ll leave you with a taste of one of her live shows.

Source: YouTube/Shina Hikari no Ryoiki, Twitter/@Pikarin_shiina via Netlab (Japanese)