death metal

Meet Pikarin, the 20,000-year-old blood-stained idol from hell【Video】

Up-and-coming idol Shina Pikarin is making a bloody splash among teens in Japan with her occasional death-metal vocals and up-tempo pop beats.

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Mamametal is here to headbang, not be your stinking maid【Video】

We don’t know who cleans up after Babymetal, but we’re pretty sure it’s not Mamametal…

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Once, twice, three times a Ladybaby and just in time for their new single!【Photos】

The idol group led by Ladybeard is ready to bring more of their unique musical talents to the world. But first, some epic promo photos. 

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Japanese design site explains how death metal fans find bands based on…logos?!

Generally, design brings to mind companies like Apple or Dyson or any sleek, carefully assembled product. Or you might think of an attractive website or even just an eye-catching, memorable logoo, like Coca-Cola. But whatever you think of, “death metal band logos” probably isn’t very high on your mental list!

But one guitar-playing designer from Tokyo wants you to give these extreme musicians some of your attention. In fact, his recent article shows how logo archetypes can help fans find exactly the subgenre they’re looking for based on little more than a design! And even if you don’t much care for death metal, there’s still a lot you can learn about how to craft a good logo. So let’s dive in!

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