It’s enough to make you quit your job and take up grass munching full time!

Now, we don’t know what your workplace is like, but most jobs have quite a few rules. For better or worse, bosses tend to have pretty strict ideas about what they want you to be doing while they’re paying you. We suppose we can understand why, but it doesn’t mean we have to like it!

So, when you see the employment contract these adorable sheep have with the Otaru Aquarium, there’s a good chance you’ll feel more than just a pang of envy. Especially that bit about basically taking a break whenever you want!

Fixed-term contract employees — Terms of Employment

Mr. Sheep
Contract Period: April 20, 2016 to maybe the middle of October
Place of work: All the grassy fields around the aquarium
Contents of work to be attended to: Eat the grass that has grown long so we don’t have to use a lawnmower.
Work start time: Roughly 9:00 a.m.
Work end time: Until about 5 p.m.
*During Golden Week and Obon, work may start early or end late.
Break time: Take a break for however long you want, whenever your want
For example: When you’re feeling full / When you’re feeling tired / When you want to rest in the shade because it’s hot
Remuneration: As much of the growing grass as you want
(Due to the salty breeze, you’ll get an appropriate amount of salt, so you needn’t lick a salt block. You can drink water from the bucket whenever you want.)
Other: In addition to eating the soft spouts, please also eat the harder stalks.

Obviously, the “employment contract” is meant as a joke — but even so, it looks like the sheep are doing their best to honor it!

▼ Look at the little fluff balls hard at work!

As you might imagine, quite a few Twitter users expressed a certain jealously of the sheep and their lax working conditions.

“I want to be a sheep.”

But we have to say, we’re pretty sure not many people would actually be happy sitting around and eating grass all day. Now, if the aquarium had an ice cream field that needed regular mowing, we’d be the first in line!

▼ Apparently the sheep earned praise for their good work last year.

▼ Heck, even their commute looks better than packing into a Tokyo subway!


▼ They even have servants to help them get around.


And we’re glad to see these sheep aren’t causing trouble with their farts or trying to escape like certain “animals” in Tokyo. But still, this might not be the easiest job any sheep has ever had, since we suspect that claim to fame belongs the sheep staffing this cafe in South Korea!

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Featured image: Twitter/itou_haruka
Images: Twitter/ecorinvillage