We all have different ways of getting through long flights, like settling down for some inflight entertainment, reading a good book, or possibly trolling fellow passengers. But one thing everyone tries not to think about is what might happen if the plane were to suddenly experience an emergency while thousands of feet up in the air.

For one unlucky group of passengers last month, they experienced just that, and for what might be the strangest reason we’ve heard yet: some very gassy sheep.

Last October a Singapore Airlines flight from Sydney bound for Kuala Lumpur was forced to stop in Bali, Indonesia, after the plane’s fire alarm mysteriously started going off.

When flight attendants went to check out the cause of the trouble in cargo hold, they were surprised to learn that the scare was a result of a large group of sheep that couldn’t stop passing gas. It seems the herd were feeling a little, well, sheepish on their first ever flight, and the constant release of fumes due to stress triggered the emergency alarm.

Just how many sheep cutting the cheese at once does it take to throw off airplane security? According to the crew’s cargo count, 2,186. We sure hope they had their gas masks on tight!

▼ Think your job sucks? At least it doesn’t involve having to catch a whiff of 2,186 wooly stink bombs!

After a thorough search of the plane it was concluded that there was no actual fire and that, apart from their constant nervous farting, the sheep themselves were fine.

Here’s a video of the full report. There may or may not be some dramatization going on here…

Before you snicker at the woolly fliers, however, know that sheep aren’t the only animals to break wind under long periods of stress; when people feel anxiety they’re also prone to increased flatulence. We suggest honing in on your inner zen feline, but if that proves a little too difficult, how about this notepad that actually encourages you to let it rip?

Source: YouTube/TomoNews Japan via Toychan Net
Feature/insert images: YouTube/TomoNews Japan