Finally! Wearable sake!

For more than a decade now, lingerie manufacturer Triumph has been designing special bras that highlight social trends in Japan. Now, they’re continuing to innovate the industry with a brand new type of fabric made from an unlikely ingredient: Japanese sake.

According to Triumph, the new material contains sake extract processed from sake lees, a by-product of the Japanese rice wine-making process. This extract is said to provide excellent moisture absorption, perfect for retaining body heat in the colder months of the year.

The new range of garments created with the fabric is being called the “Warm Joppari Moisurising Inner”, with the word “Joppari” referring to the type of dry sake used in the process, which has been sourced from Rokka Shuzou, a brewery in Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture.

      ▼ In 2016, Joppari sake was awarded the gold medal in the International Wine Challenge.

The sake lees from the Joppari sake was aged for half a year to build up the amino acids which are usually heralded for their skin-beautifying effects. This time, though, the moisturising amino acids were slowly added to the fabric during the manufacturing process, penetrating the fibres to create a moist and smooth texture.

By using a special method that slowly impregnates the fibres of the fabric with the sake lees, it remains within the garment once it’s finished, even after repeated washing. As the alcohol component is volatile, none of it stays in the fabric, meaning the moisture-enhancing properties of the sake is further pronounced.

The line of undergarments in the “Warm Joppari Moisurising Inner” range includes leggings and long-sleeve tops ranging in price from 3,780-4,860 yen (US$33.86-$43.53) and available in red, beige, grey and purple.

The garments will be available to purchase from Triumph retailers around the country from 20 September.

Source: Triumph via Net Lab
Images: Triumph