”Don’t panic” is rule one during an earthquake. These pooches decided to break it.

It’s widely known that dogs react more quickly to earthquakes than human beings. Whether this is due to their superior powers of sensory perception or the advance warning they get from a secret, canine-only social networking system is unclear, but the result is that by the time you first notice the tremor, your dog may already be in full-on panic mode.

Japanese Twitter Aobeko user recently witnessed the phenomenon of just how sensitive his pets can be to seismic activity. Under normal circumstances, his family’s two dogs look like pretty happy-go-lucky pooches.


But while they look like they haven’t got a care in the world in the photos above, there was trouble brewing for them beneath the earth. When an earthquake occurred in east Japan last Monday evening, the rumbling at Aobeko’s home was apparently weak enough that he felt comfortable grabbing his phone to take a snapshot of his pets during the quake.

The dogs, on the other hand, displayed much less composure.


“The black one is gets really freaked out when there’s an earthquake!” added Aobeko, but we think you could probably say the same thing about his white buddy, given the panicked expressions on both animals’ faces. Thankfully, neither of the dogs, nor their home, looks to have been damaged in the quake, so hopefully they’re back to their smiling selves again now.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@ntglider3